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    by Grulin

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AKA Quick Nick Switch

Switch Between Custom and Current nicknames via the Contact Menu or TopToolBar quickly.

Thanks go to HeikoH for the Icon

Name changed from Quick Nick Switch to SwitchNick to reflect dll name as well as make the Updater Plugin find it correctly :).

-Works With These Great Plugins--
TopToolBar (Requires Multiwindow ContactList):

Forum Thread:

Latest Changes

-Nightwish said AgressiveOptimize.h can cause problems on some setups, so I have taken it off and back up to 28kb it goes :D
-"Added" Translation support using langpack, I have no idea if it works cause no languagepacks work on my Miranda LET ME KNOW! :) (Turns out it does work, thanks Dagobert_78)

After nearly a year I finally decided to work on my lil plugin again.
-Recompiled using AggressiveOptimize.h for smaller size 9.5KB Now :D
-Fixed TopToolBar Icon that was missing (On mine atleast)
-Will now Uniformally change to custom or current nick when using "Switch All", except those which have been switched using the "Switch Name" and are left showing the current name.
-Created a work-around for the ICQ disconnection error. Disables sending nickname updates to ICQ while they are being changed, which prevents flooding the server, then reactivates it to how it was before.

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