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WinPopup Protocol
    by ryo-oh-ki

RequirementsWindows 95-2008, NetBIOS over TCP/IP
LicenseOpen Source - GPL
86,389 Downloads | 97.29 Kilobytes


Communicate with users over LAN, compatible with "net send", WinPopup, VikPoup, RealPopup, Netter etc. and Miranda`s net_send_protocol, mNetSend plugins. Uses Mailslot, NetBIOS and Messenger service for sending and receiving messages.

Project page:
Contacts: <>

Search supports wildcards (case insensitive):
? - any single symbol,
* - any number of symbols including zero,
# - any digital symbol,
[abcd] - symbol set,
[a-z] - sumbol range,
[!...] - NOT in symbol set or range.

How to send group messages:
1) Open plugin options page;
2) Check "Use Mailslot when sending" option;
3) Press "Add Contact..." button;
4) Type domain/workgroup name or * for everybody and check "Group contact" option;
5) Send messge using newly created contact.

You got "Access Denied" error when switching to online:
Try to check "Use Messenger service when sending and receiving" option
in plugin options.

"Legacy online status detection" option:
Detection online status by <00> NetBIOS-name also,
normally status detected by <03> NetBIOS-name (aka Messenger).

Latest Changes

- Headers updated up to Miranda IM 0.9
- Added Unicode support
- Added 64-bit support
- Added avatar support
- Added group contact support
- Performance optimizations
- Added support for NetLib log
- Fixed crash at miranda exit when contact still scanning
- Fixed resource leaks (icons)
- Fixed small memory leaks by replacing internal ForkThread() with Miranda mir_forkthread()
- Fixed contact status detection when "Always Online" option set
- Fixed extra requests of contact status retrieving
- Fixed contact away message requesting
- Fixed potential security problems
- Reduced miranda exit time
- Changed system requirements (removed Win9x/NT support, added Vista/7 support)
- Project upgraded up to VS 2008

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