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Click'n Chat -- Quick Fix Beta 0.5.0
    by kimman

RequirementsWindow 2000 or later
LicenseOpen Source - GPL
12,640 Downloads | 192.84 Kilobytes


A dropdown listbox contains many phrases that you often say to your netfriends. Choose one of them; immediately, the program posts it. This helps expediting chatting. Of course, the expressions can be customized for your need.(Kim Man Lui, Aug 2004)

******* Online chat is wonderful. Now, if only everyone could type faster.

Few people had installation problems. The installer I used was InstallMaker 0.1b, rather than "Miranda Installer". Thus, click "Download" (NOT "install" using "Miranda Installer") and unzip ""; read the word document for installation/uninstallation and click "clickn chat.exe".

This program needs msvcrtd.dll. If your machine doesn't have it, please go to and/or read "user opinions".

To customize the expression, edit the file "oftenPhrase.txt", located in the Miranda plugins directory. If you aren't sure the place, try "windows search".

By the way, I didn't actually write this program as I simply put several fragments of code together.

Latest Changes

Rob H reported that the cursor should be in the message box.

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Source Code

Beta 0.5.0 - Download (19.56KBytes)