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Skype Protocol
    by leecher

LicenseOpen Source - GPL
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Editor's note: This release has been superseded by Skype Protocol You are recommended to use this new release instead.

As so many people requested it, here is now a implementation of the Skype
protocol for Miranda IM.
Note, that this is just a wrapper for the Skype-API, which means that Skype
has to be running while you use this plugin.

As people keep asking:
NO, I WON'T be the one who writes a plugin that works without Skype running in the background. Look at the user-comments section to get an explanation why this is not possible.

Please don't forget to disable my "Skype Status Change" Plugin, if you have it, because it's obsolete and maybe strange things will happen (not tested yet).
Users of Miranda Installer please note, that the Name of the plugin has changed from Skype_protocol.dll to skype.dll, so if you still have an old skype_protocol.dll file in your Plugins-Directory, PLEASE DELETE IT before installing the new version, otherwise there will be errors regarding the window handle.
As some users don't read the readme.txt, here is an important part:
* You have to manually disable popup of messages in SKYPE, as there is
currently no function in the API to do this
In older Skype versions go to File/Options/Short messages and
disable the checkboxes there.
In recent versions you have to disable
Tools / Options / Advanced / [ ] Open incoming chat message
Otherwise you would get all Skype-Messages twice (in Skype AND Miranda)
Note, that some features you requested currently cannot be added due to the limitations of teh Skype API. Sorry.. :)

No warranty, whatsoever!
Feel free to improve the ugly sourcecode.
Feedback is appreciated.

As the nice iconset created by X-Byte
was removed in the last filebase cleanup, download it from my mirror instead:

Please also note that there is a little bugtracker available for this plugin now:
This should ease the bugtracking a bit (please be gentle to my old serverbox here, it needs some time to build the php-Pages ;)

I recently found out that there is an incompatibility with awaysys.dll (the old one from
As there is currently no further developement, please update to AwaysysMod. If you want to keep awaysys, please contact the author of awaysys regarding this issue. I can supply more information on this issue to him.

Please note, that I'm currently very busy with other projects. In the meantime, tweety took over the developtment. He created a support thread in the forum which can be fonud here:
The current version of his source branch can be downloaded at
I'd really like to thank tweety for his current efforts! I hope that he won't mess up my beatiful C-code with C++ Classes ;-)

Latest Changes

* HOTFIX - Double File-Transfer icon removed. Please note that you can't send files via drag & drop, because of the nature of Skype API - Skype wants to open its own "File/Open" dialog, so I cannot supply a path to the file to be sent, therefore I had to add a seperate File-sending function rather than using Miranda's function.

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