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ModernClear 1.2.0
    by russellc

RequirementsLatest Miranda IM, Clist_modern plugin
71,953 Downloads | 458.6 Kilobytes


Modern contact list skin. Included are white (very transparent) styles, for people with dark wallpapers and a dark (translucent, slightly opaque) styles, for people with bright wallpapers.

There are 6 styles included (3 for light wallpapers, 3 for dark wallpapers)

- The screenshot is inaccurate due to JPEG compression

Latest Changes

- reworked "slick" style (a few visual improvements)
- black titlebar variation has a bit more see through frame
- 2 new variations of the titlebar version, the "Miranda IM"
text is removed and replaced with a minimize button (black
& white titlebar variations)
- minimize button moved next to close button (no problems now),
"Miranda IM" text is back

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Source Code

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