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Skype Protocol
    by tweety

RequirementsSkype program
LicenseOpen Source - GPL
117,393 Downloads | 65.68 Kilobytes


Skype plugin interface with the actual skype program.

Continuation of the plugin from Leecher.


Latest Changes
+ Added option to enter user name and password. (Patch by NN)
+ Support for new core service: get avatar caps
+ Option to show/hide default avatar for contacts
+ Hide Skype Avatar page in user details if >= #27
+ Voice service support in normall calls - no support for SkypeOut yet (pescuma)
! Made options dialog a little bit smaller, removed frame and set bold frame for popups (pescuma)
+ Add more status to manage for away message
! Fix the load for pre 0.7.0 #17 build
* Patch by pescuma for avatar.
! Avoid empty message from myself on first message received.
+ Add the Get user avatar interface
* Change the get user info thread
* code cleanup
+ Support for miranda 0.8
! Correct use of folder plugin (using "avatar cache folder"\SKYPE).
! When settings skype offline, first set proto off then contacts.
* move the broadcast of status change out of if statement in status change.
* Set contacts ofline on plugin load (avoid skype contact to be online if starts skype is not checked)
! Fix the use of datapath for portable skype
* Allow to choose no splash - no tray - minimized even if start skype with miranda is not checked.
! Fix bug with timestamp in irc

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Skype Protocol  

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