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Spell Checker (Unicode) 0.2.6
    by Pescuma

RequirementsMiranda 0.9
LicenseOpen Source - GPL
64,174 Downloads | 512.58 Kilobytes


This is a spell checker for message windows. It also allow to configure replacements to auto-correct words.

It uses Hunspell to do the dirty work. Hunspell is the spell checker used by OpenOffice, so it should have a good range of dictionaries. The dictionaries: each is a couple of files with the name beeing the language and the extensions .dic and .aff. Both need to be inside the dir <Miranda Path>Dictionaries (of a custom folder if folders plugin is installed). You can download them at: .
PS: This path is read only at startup, so changing it needs a restart of miranda.

It has an options page to set the default dictionary and some other options. It is at Message Sessions/Spell Checker .

Many thanks to the Hunspell team and to Vladimir Vainer that made an initial version of the plugin. And thanks to the site for the icons I'm using for the flags.

To report bugs/make suggestions, go to the forum thread:

Latest Changes

+ improved support for UserInfoEx Plugin
+ added Updater support for Addons Page (pluginInfo.shortName didnt match Addons name due to separate Unicode/ANSI version)
You will have to enable beta Versions in Updater again if you want beta versions
+ added error count to confirmation message
+ added support for Miranda IM path API
the new default path for custom dictionaries is now %miranda_userdata%Dictionaries
This change allows per-profile-dictionaries
IMPORTANT: You may have to move your custom dictionaries, as these are not moved automatically!!
IMPORTANT: You also need at least Folders plugin or newer!!
* Updated some header files
! Fixed a bug with translated hotkeys (Fixes issue 115)
- removed PLUGININFO support, since it is obsolete
* internal Unicode transition
* increased options dialog size a bit for translators
* Fixed lookup of Language in UserInfo module of metacontacts
* updated Hunspell library to version 1.3.1

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Source Code

0.2.6 - Download (328.96KBytes)