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Xfire Protocol
    by dufte

LicenseOpen Source - GPL
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Xfire protocol plugin

IMPORTANT: Always backup the old version, before you update!!!!!

- avatar support
- game detection support
- serverip/port detection support (need xp sp2/vista)
- teamspeak/ventrilo/mumble detection
- typing notification
- custom nick and statusmessage possible
- show gamename/ip/port in clist as xstatus
- gameicons in clist as xstatusicon (modenclist/clistnicer)
- automatically game search
- join game/join voice support
- xfire clan support
- friends of friend support
- updater support
- metacontact support
- custom folder support
- full proxy support
- automatically set statusmsg and status when ingame for other protocols
- xfire_games.ini and icons.dll updater
- automatically disable popups and miranda sounds when ingame

If u have problems with the download:

Test builts: []

Extract the xfire folder directly to the Miranda folder.
Move the plugin "XFire.dll" to the plugin folder.

If you use the folder plugin, set the correct folders for Xfire.

If you are using miranda 0.8 and dont see xfire in statusbar and you cant set xfire to online, do following:
Please goto: "Options->Switch to classic options->Customize->Protocols->Reset"

Support auf Deutsch:

Here you can find some examples:
Tutorial: (german)

Latest Changes

-removed msgbox during joining game

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