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Modern Contact List (Unicode)
    by FYR

RequirementsMiranda 0.9 Unicode, Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7
LicenseOpen Source - GPL
72,468 Downloads | 348.72 Kilobytes


Please use always the version from the last stable or testing version! Not the version from this addon page!

Use ONLY the "Plugin pack" or "Contrib" from:

Stable version:

Testing version:
(Click on the "Alpha Release" link on this site.)

And not mix up testing and stable or unicode and x64 files!
A highly skinable contact list. This version is for Miranda 0.9.x Unicode users ONLY.


- Skinnable buttons that can be placed on window margins that can execute any action.

Thanks to Ricardo Pescuma:

- Avatars and Status Messages directly on buddy list
- Flexible row height engine
- Aero glass support on Windows Vista and Windows 7

Thanks to Scott Ellis (sje):

- Extended support of Metacontacts, so you can expand, collapse and drag/drop to manage your metacontacts.

Thanks to Angeli-Ka:

- Default built-in skin and icons.

Thanks to George Hazan (ghazan) for experienced technical support

And special thanks Boris Krasnovsky (borkra) for eliminating most memory and resources leaks.

Latest Changes

Statuses are re-prioritized to be in same with nicer and classic clists. (patch by AL|EN)

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Archived Older Releases

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Modern Contact List Layered (Unicode)  

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