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Facebook Protocol RM
    by Robyer

RequirementsMiranda 0.9.43 or later
LicenseOpen Source - GPL
71,547 Downloads | 181.36 Kilobytes


This is my modification of original Facebook protocol (by jarvis). I have fixed many things and added functions like Invisible status, authorizations, searching contacts, and much more.

Main features
* Only working Facebook protocol for Miranda (except connection through XMPP)
* Both 32 bit and 64 bit versions
* Support for searching and adding contacts
* Support for requesting, approving and rewoking friendships
* Support for invisible status
* Notification after someone remove you from his friends
* Writing statuses from within your Miranda
* Getting newsfeeds from wall and new notifications
* Shows contacts with 'On mobile' status

This is unicode 32 bit version of the plugin. For x64 version go to:

Latest Changes

! Fixed crash when no own avatar found on webpage
* Plugin statically linked

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Source Code - Download (99.23KBytes)